April 12, 2018

Red Cross Club will meet on Mondays, April 16 and 30.


The skill of the week this week is to take care of your area in the cafeteria. This means throw away all garbage, make sure to compost/recycle and return your tray to the window. When you take care of your area, you are taking care of Irving.


Chimney Swift Club meets today, Thursday, in room 114. We will be writing an article for our school newspaper about the Irving Chimney Swifts. Plan to attend so we can get the word out about these amazing birds!


It’s Golden Sower Voting time, if you have read at least 4 nominees go to the library webpage and vote for your favorite.  for those of you that received your invitation for ice cream, you can stop by the library Friday after school for your treat.


Mrs. Yoder was nominated for a Staff Like by Alexa Costa because she helps us when we need it.  Ms. Owsley was nominated by Allison Maw because she is so nice and helpful.  Mrs. Grant was nominated by Tyray because she helps me with my homework.  Mr. Buckner was nominated by Micah Rivera because when I ask him a question, he always has an answer.





There is detasseling information available in the Counseling Center.