January 14, 2019

The SOTW this week is to Be Prepared for Class.


Boys’ Basketball Practice is after school 3:15-4:30.

8th Grade Practices:

B Team on Mondays

A and C Team on Wednesdays

B and C team on Thursdays

A Team on Fridays


7th Grade Practice Schedule will be:

A and B Team on Mondays

B and C Team on Wednesdays

A Team on Thursdays

Everyone on Fridays


East High’s Student Council is currently in the search for 8th graders who would want to try out for our organization. In order to do so we will be sending out applications to each LPS middle school to give each student the opportunity to try out! We would like to give you applications this Friday, January 11.  Each student who wants to participate will turn in their application to your school’s main office and an East Student Council member will pick them up when they are due. Applications will be due January 25 and a Student Council member will be picking them up the same day.  If you are willing to, please advertise these applications through announcements, and we can provide posters as well! We also are having a Student Council informational night next Wednesday, January 16 at 6pm in the East High commons.  If you are able to please advertise this as well! We have posters and flyers that we can give you!  Thank you!