7th grade boys basketball practice for the week: A team Mon, Thursday, Friday. B team Mon, Thursday, Friday. C team Wednesday, Friday. Saturday game vs Moore at Irving

Due to Parent/Teacher Conferences, there will be no after school club in the library on Thursday. 

Please check your school email, the library has sent out overdue notices.  Please renew or return your overdue books.  

Attention 8th graders:  Make sure you are in tip top shape come Monday!  Your future high school counselors will be here to register you during 2nd period.  This is the ONLY day they are coming to Irving. Get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast and have an idea of the classes you want to take.  Remember you can go to the LPS website and type “bibw” into the search engine for all of the 9th grade information you need! More information will come – stay tuned!  

The deadline to order the yearbook for this year is Friday, February 14th. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to have a keepsake from this school year!