7th grade boys basketball practice for the week: A team Mon, Thursday, Friday. B team Mon, Thursday, Friday. C team Wednesday, Friday. Saturday game vs Moore at Irving

Please check your school email, the library has sent out overdue notices.  Please renew or return your overdue books.  

Attention all 8th graders:  Once again, registration for High School with be on Monday!  High School counselors will be registering you during 2nd period.  You are assigned a classroom based on the school you will attending AND according to your last name.  What does this mean? You can check the window outside of the Counseling Center for your room assignment or go to Ms. White’s Google Classroom.  

Things to remember to make Monday successful!  

1. Remember to charge your Chromebook for Monday AND bring it to school.  You will be using your Chromebook to register for classes. Please show how responsible you are by remembering this!

2. Don’t know which electives you have to choose from?  Check out the classes by typing “bibw” into the search box on the LPS.org website.  

3. Get a good night’s sleep so you are in tip top shape to register and ask questions!

4. Arrive to 2nd period ready to go.  Please be respectful to our guests! This is your opportunity to make a LASTING 1st impression on your soon-to-be High School counselor!  Make the most of it!

The deadline to order the yearbook for this year is Friday, February 14th. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to have a keepsake from this school year!