Hey Students-It’s time to play ‘Guess Who!’ Each day you’ll be given a clue about a staff member. Go to jump code G9G2 if you want to try to guess who the clues are about this week.

Today’s clue: I went to college at University of Nebraska at Kearney

Here ye, Here ye, D and D club is back!

First meeting is toTODAY  in the library after school–this is a meeting for new people to learn the basics of D and D

Our first official gaming meeting will be September 15.

We will meet in the library from 3:10-4:00 every Wednesday. All grades are welcome!!

Irving Aardvarks enter positive reports to the ‘Irving Alliance’ bucket located in the office if you would like the chance to have an opportunity to participate in the first ‘Irving Alliance’ Activity after school on September 14 from 3:15-4:00. This month, randomly selected participants will take on the Irving Admin team and counseling team in a game of knock out! 25 student names will be drawn from the bucket on Friday, September 10

Attention All future engineers: Engineering Club Starts Wednesday, September 15th at the rec center. This awesome club introduces you to ENGINEERING. We talk about what engineers do, how they problem solve, and what it means to be an engineer. You will design, build, and test your own bridge structures. This FREE club meets Wednesdays after school from 3:15-5 and is taught by Mr. Wagner’s daughter Rachel. Sign up now at the rec center.

Volleyball practice this week is: today: 8th only Thurs: 7th ONLY Friday: all teams