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The counselors at Irving Middle School are an integral part of each child’s educational and personal-social development. The counseling program has well defined curriculum with three methods of delivery:  classroom guidance, small group facilitation, and individual guidance. In order to meet the needs of all students, counselors work closely with teachers, students, parents, staff, administration, and community agencies for the purpose of staying informed of students’ strengths and needs.
The counselors provide consistency by moving with their assigned class of students through their three years at Irving.   Students may access their counselor by filling out a “Request to see the Counselor” form found in their assigned counselor’s Google classroom.  Counselors also depend on administrators, teachers, and parents to share with them student concerns. As concerns and questions arise, parents are encouraged to contact their child’s counselor at 436-1214 # 3.

Counselor Websites:

Amy Hix

Ellie Marvin

Dani White