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Based on guidelines mandated by the LPS Gifted Policy adopted by the school board, Irving’s gifted program is under the supervision of a gifted program design team. The composition of the team is determined annually. Trish Lind is our facilitator for the program.

Students are referred to the gifted program by parents, staff, community members, peers, or self. (Copies of referral forms are available from the facilitator). Policy dictates that, once a referral is received, a Data Gathering Team is convened to evaluate the student’s record. This team includes some of the student’s current core teachers as well as the facilitator, often the counselor, sometimes the school psychologist. Information considered includes achievement test scores, Test of Cognitive Skills results, previous I.Q. testing, outstanding student products, and/or gifted behavior checklists completed by teachers and parents.

In accordance to the policy, differentiated classes are available in math and language arts in grade six; English, Social Studies, Math, and Science are available for seventh and eighth grade students.

For further information, please contact Deanna Macek at Irving Middle School, 436-1214 or